Summer Boating?

The sun is finally shining, and the boat has been launched, but are you getting out on the water this holiday weekend?

masts-in-the-sunThere seem to be more warnings to mariners than usual this summer, and when taken all together they may be enough to keep many boaters docked for a while.

Here in Connecticut, it has rained so much recently the river that shares our state’s name is loaded with so much debris that boaters are more likely to hit debris than not. You can see logs floating in the river from the highway. They canceled the annual Riverfest this weekend because they can’t safely float the barge out to the middle of the Connecticut River, and the banks where people usually sit to watch are under water.

And then there’s the heat. The National Weather Service has issued heat alerts from New Jersey to Boston, with temperatures reaching into the 90’s. According to the latest heat advisory for the region,, “this heat combined with high humidity will result in heat index values near or just above 100 degrees this afternoon.” Their advice? Stay indoors.