September and January New York Boat Shows

NY Boat ShowNew York adding a fall boat show beginning in 2014, and pushing back January dates beginning in 2015…

After years of fiddling around with the right dates for a successful New York City boat show to draw a big crowd while holding the title of being the year’s first boat show, it looks like the 108 year old show is making some major changes. Beginning in 2014, in addition to the traditional January show, there will be a New York Boat Show in September for six consecutive years. Beginning in 2015, the January show will move away from the time frame of the holidays and back towards the end of the month.

Why shake things up?

From the Governor’s version of the press release: “The New York Boat Show, located at the Javits Center since 1987, is the world’s oldest boat show, celebrating its 109th show in 2014. During the years that the show has operated in late December and early January, attendance dropped significantly, impacting exhibitors and the general health of the entire recreational marine industry in New York. These new dates – made possible by Governor Cuomo – will help attract more visitors to the show and increase revenue for exhibitors.”

What about January?

It looks like the New York Boat Show will also continue to run in January, but will be pushed back to its traditional mid- to late month time frame for the next several years after 2014. So, the next boat show in New York is scheduled for Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 through the following Sunday (1/5/14). This past year’s 2013 show started on January 3rd, allowing revelers to sleep off their New Year’s hangovers and giving exhibitors a couple of days to set up after the holiday.

Two shows per year for the foreseeable future?

The press release from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the NMMA, which runs the show, both state that there will be both a September and a January version of the NMMA’s New York Boat Show at the Javits Center through 2019. They’ve even carved out the dates in the following chart. But will this last, or is it just a test? If the September dates prove stronger, will the January show go away altogether? Will Newport and Norwalk be agitated by having an 800 lb gorilla invade their traditional September boat show schedule? As of right now, the September 2014 dates for New York and Newport overlap.

We’ll be sure to keep our eye on these events going forward.

New York Boat Show’s 6 Year Plan:

January 1-5
September 10-14
January 21-25
September 16-20
January 27-31
September 7-11
January 25-29
September 6-10
January 24-28
September 12-16
January 23-27
September 4-8


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