Sailing in Farm Country

When I attended the University of Connecticut 25 years ago, the only boating club I was aware of was the crew team. Sure, Connecticut is a small, coastal state, but the main campus of the school is very landlocked. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure the University was founded as an agriculture school; it is still surrounded by farms to this day – even with all the recent construction on campus.

UCONN SAILINGMy fond memories of UCONN include the omnipresent odor of cow manure coming from the direction of Horse Barn Hill Road during my long morning walks to class.  Bottom line – while it’s hardly a desert, there just isn’t much water on or around the campus. It’s not a school that I ever would have associated with boating.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the UCONN Sailing Team featured in the latest issue of Sailing World Magazine.

It appears UCONN now has a sailing team, complete with a new coach and a fleet of 8 (or 9) 420s which they keep at a lake in a nearby town where they practice. They also have a website ( which I recommend checking out, especially if you or someone you know is looking for a great school that has everything – even sailing.