OpSail CT 2012

I was just about to write a piece on OpSail when I saw that Channel 8 out of New Haven had some good video coverage of Connecticut’s involvement in the event, so let’s just go to the video… You’ll likely see a brief ad for the CT lottery, but after that there’s a good backgrounder on OpSail’s planned July 2012 appearance in New London – the final of six (or seven according to WTNH, but I think it’s 6) stops for OpSail overall, which kicks off in New Orleans before making three stops in our neck of the woods – NYC, Boston and New London.

Here in Connecticut, OpSail will be tied to SailFest, which is a pretty big draw on its own. However, the report states that OpSail will be the largest event in the state all year, making it more important to the state than it probably is to Boston and NY. NortheastBoater hopes to be at all three.

We’ll have more on OpSail NY, Boston, and New London as the event dates get closer. But for now, as promised, here’s the video…


OpSail event headed for New London: wtnh.com