New Year, New York

NY Boat Show

Happy New Year, and welcome to the Northeast in January. Brrrr.

While we wait patiently for our short boating season to begin again in just a few (or six) short months, the industry bestows several boat shows upon us to help us pass the time and dream of warmer days to come. That’s right, it’s the winter boat show season, and the line-up starts right in our own back yard in the city that never sleeps.

The New York National Boat Show runs today through Sunday, January 3 through the 6th, 2013 (yes! I didn’t type “2012”), at its usual spot in the Javits Center. It will be interesting to see the mood of attendees and exhibitors considering this is the first major boat show since Sandy, and so close.

If you can’t make it to NY or you just aren’t ready yet, don’t worry… you’re only a few weeks away from another nearby boat show. January’s calendar includes both the Providence and Hartford Boat Shows, and February is packed with boat shows in Boston and Atlantic City, as well as the Northeast Fishing and Hunting show in Connecticut.

I’m personally excited about this year’s boat shows. After the past few months, we all deserve a chance to enjoy the dreams that arise from a walk through the aisles of the new boats on display at these events.

I hope your 2013 is not only better than last year, but that it’s filled with peace, joy and calm seas.