Long Island Sound, Post-Sandy

We received this warning from the US Coast Guard, via the CT DEEP, for anybody that is thinking of moving their boats around Long Island Sound this week in the aftermath of Sandy. The bottom line is THINK TWICE, and if you are crazy enough to hit the water this week, please be extremely careful…

“The U.S. Coast Guard is strongly advising recreational boaters and commercial traffic to carefully consider any voyage on Long Island Sound, including local rivers, and inlets.

If boaters must be on the rivers, they are urged to exercise extreme caution and transit the area at minimum safe speed and be prepared for extensive delays caused by floating debris and unreliable aids to navigation. Boaters are particularly encouraged to limit transits on the rivers to daylight hours. Boaters should tie up for the night at a marina; although some marinas are damaged or not fully operational due to significant power outages. Even areas where vessel operators might normally find a suitable location to anchor could be unsafe due to accumulated debris, underwater obstacles and heavy currents due to flooding conditions.”