It May Be Warm, But It’s Still Winter

Boaters in Mystic in Spring

It's warm in the Northeast, but are you sure you're ready to boat?

In an article that appeared earlier this week on our sister-site, the Daily Boater, Vincent Pica (Chief of Staff, First District, Southern Region (D1SR) – United States Coast Guard Auxiliary) warned us all that while Spring may be upon us, warm water is still out of reach.

Vincent states in the article, “I like a warm day, early in the season as much as the next mariner. But the water itself is just about as deadly as it is in the deep of winter. Remember that water takes heat from your body 25x’s faster than air of the same temperature.” He goes on to warn that if you do go boating in the Northeast this time of year, don’t make way without a few simple but important precautions.

Those precautions include,

1. (For boats with a motor) Prepping and checking the engine before the year’s first cruise.

2. File a float plan.

3. Use cold-water life jacket gear.

4. Review cold water survival techniques and risks with your crew.

Details of all these precautions are available at Spring Warning – Cold Water Boating on the Daily Boater.

You can also check out more tips like this from Vin Pica’s site,