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Sell your boat in CT

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When I sold my first boat back in 2000, one of the places I listed it was in a printed classified Connecticut newspaper called the Bargain News. Before the Internet, the Bargain News was THE medium to sell any vehicle in the CT area. Not sure how long it’s been in existence, but my father would always have a copy around, and I fondly recall looking through the used boats and cars as a kid.

I had not thought of the Bargain News in years (you know, with the Inter-Webs and all), but I was glad to see the publication was still hanging in there when I received an email from them this morning. I must be in their database from back in the day.

Anyway, the reason I’m sharing this nostalgic moment with you is because the email I received offered a free classified ad in the online version of the Bargain News. From the way the email reads, it looks like they already offered free online ads, but now they are easier to place, include more stuff, and stay active longer than they used to…

What exactly are they offering? Here’s some of the text from their email…

  • We are now offering our online users the opportunity to enter their free ads online anytime of the day or night.
  • In addition to the basic free text ad we are also offering up to 8 free photo attachments to help you sell your items even faster.
  • One more big change; we are also extending the running time of the ad to 4 full weeks also at no charge so there is no more need to renew every week.

So, with that said, here is the link to place your free ad and sell your boat in the CT area:

Enjoy, and happy selling!